Monday, January 26, 2009

Step One

About a week after i ordered the seat, it arrived on my door (in a discreet unlabeled box-so there is no cat embarrassment.) Upon opening the box i found the cat seat, which sits under the seat of the human toilet (the part guys lift up) along with some treats and a little pouch of catnip, which was very considerate of them to include. There was also an instruction booklet. I was definitely feeling dubious as i explored my new purchase. This is more than just a purchase to me though, it is the promise of a life without kitty litter. After much laughter, i started to read the instructions. Step one was to move the kitty litter into the bathroom so the cat will get used to being in there. Well, Kahlo and Foster already use the litter box in the bathroom. It's only the appropriately named Queen who uses a separate litter box but since the instructions clearly stated to go at the rate of the slowest cat, i had to start there. I removed Queen's litter box so she could get over being royalty and use the normal litter box like everyone else. I was too excited to wait to put the seat on the toilet though, so i decided there was no harm in setting it up. I put the some kitty litter in the training seat and placed it on the toilet. It fit perfectly--just like i was promised!! There is truth in advertising!

When humans want to use the toilet, we have to remove the seat, which could cause any number of hilarious mishaps i'm sure. My sister wanted to take bets on which of us would forget and use the bathroom in the night without taking out the cat seat.

Well, none of the cats took any interest in their new facilities, but we sure got a good laugh. My impatience got the better of me and i decided it was time to get into action. I grabbed a cat and put it on the seat. Shocking--she jumped right off and hid somewhere far away. Attempt two, another cat was placed on the seat but this cat, too, decided it had better things to do and off it went. I couldn't even find the third cat--word was probably out about what i was trying to do. 10 minutes into the process and nothing!! Maybe they just didn't need to go right then, or maybe they are shy about their business. I decided what was needed here was a little help from a secret weapon--Catnip. The instructions told me i could put catnip in the seat to get them interested. So i sprinkled a little into the seat, over the kitty litter. Neither Kahlo or Foster can resist catnip. I found Kahlo and placed her in the seat, and miracle of all miracles, she stayed there!! She sniffed around, rolled around, did a little digging and then laid down right in the seat. Then i had a thought--Will cats poop where they play? I guess i'll find out. One thing was for sure though--the amusement of this situation was already worth the $30 i paid. I was feeling very positive about this situation thinking she really liked her new "big girl potty." She stayed there for a while and seemed pretty comfortable. Then, she got off the toilet, went into her litter box and pooped!!

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  1. I can't wait to hear more! I have been thinking about doing this for my cat but can't decide yet if it would be weird to walk in on her.