Monday, January 26, 2009

the preamble

My one bedroom apartment is home for 2 people (my sister and myself) and 3 cats (2 of mine, one of hers.) Generally, cats should not outnumber people in a house, but we had special circumstances. When my friend suggested that I toilet train the cats, we all had a good laugh. However, the next day I took the time to investigate toilet training cats. I watched videos of cats using the toilet, proudly pooping into that bowl of water we all take for granted. I even saw one cat use his little paws to unroll the better part of a roll of toilet paper into the toilet while his owner cheered him on. I was suddenly overtaken with the image of walking into my bathroom and finding a cat on the toilet (perhaps reading the newspaper.) I pictured myself saying, “oh excuse me,” and walking out, making sure to shut the door behind me. After watching videos of homemade toilet training seats, which involved cardboard and saran wrap and all sorts of other crazy things, I decided the best option was to order a set of cat toilet training seats (‘cause that’s definitely not crazy at all.) Below is a description taken from the website where I ordered the seat:

The specially designed CitiKitty Training Seat securely fits on your toilet filled with a small amount of kitty litter. Your cat naturally uses CitiKitty as its new litter box.

Over a short period each of the four perforated rings are removed from the training seat thus reducing the amount of litter and enlarging the opening to the toilet allowing your cat to transition to using the toilet gradually. Once all rings are removed your cat is toilet trained!

For less then the cost of 2 months of kitty litter you can toilet train your cat with CitiKitty.

After reading that, who wouldn’t be convinced? I mean really. It’s sure to work! The seat cost $30, which I figured would totally be worth it if it worked. I bought it!

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