Thursday, January 29, 2009

Evidence of action!!

Although i am technically still on "step one" which basically only entails putting the cats' litter box in the bathroom, i have kept their training seat on the toilet just in case my brilliant cats want to skip ahead. This evening when i got home, i saw some evidence of action in the training seat! Sure, there was no actual sign that any cat had used the seat for its intended purpose, but it was obvious to me that a cat had been on the seat. The kitty litter looked as though a cat had been digging in it and there were dirty little kitty paw prints around the rim of the toilet. Now perhaps a cat was using the training seat as stool or a step to get into some other kind of mischief such as walking in the sink or looking at herself in the mirror but i'm taking this as an excellent sign. A mother knows.....even a cat mother.

I must keep in mind however, that this comes on the heels of disappointment. A couple days ago, when removing the training seat so i could use the toilet, i noticed that some of the kitty litter was wet!! It appeared that a cat had made the right decision between a box and a toilet. On further inspection (which is made possible by my intensive forensic training courtesy of Court TV) i discovered that the water came from a drip on the toilet and not from a cat.

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