Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end of an error

Well, apparently Queen makes the decisions around our house because she has brought an end to the toilet training. Although my cats were pleased and delighted to use the toilet, Queen just could not do it. We decided to just end the whole thing. I found the old litter box, which to my surprise, was coated with dried pee from multiple failed attempts (by Queen) to reclaim her old familiar ways. After an hour of scrubbing and bleaching both the toilet training seat and the litter box, everything was back to normal for the cats.

While there are many benefits to toilet trained cats, one must consider if the means are worth the end. Before you take on this project yourself please consider the following; Do you want to share a toilet with your cats?? Really, think about it. This means that every time you need to use the bathroom you have to remove their seat (while you are still in the training process.) There is often cat pee and litter on the toilet seat as well. This is not especially appealing to guests--let me tell you.

So in conclusion, i still consider the toilet training of MY cats a success! i am confident that without Queen's resistance we would all be living in perfect toilet harmony. I have saved the training seat and decided that i may resume this project under two circumstances. 1. we live in a place with more than bathroom or 2. i live separately from my sister and Queen.

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