Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Queen, she is a peein'

(Queen considers peeing on the bookshelf)
(Foster becomes bored of toilet training)
(my big baby)
Well, i would like all my faithful readers to know that Kahlo and Foster (my cats) are doing a perfect, wonderful job using the toilet. Queen, however, has not taken to it so much (or at all.) She has continued to relieve herself wherever she pleases. I still think this is a result of her name, and perhaps a charmed upbringing. For a while the place she chose was in a suitcase under my sisters bed. I guess that seems as good as any place to a cat. At first we thought maybe the kitty litter was too rough for her little royal feet so we got a softer litter. It made no difference. Now things have developed into an alarming situation. She has boldly and brazenly peed on my sisters bed multiple times--right in front of her eyes. Once my sister found pee and poop in the empty litter box that was waiting to be put away for good! At least that was a good attempt on the cat's part. All we can surmise from this action is that she's a little upset at the toilet training. I think maybe she has caught on that this is all my big idea because the other day i discovered some of my clothes that had fallen off a hanger in the closet had been peed on. Also this weekend, just minutes after i arrived home from a trip, she peed on my coat. My sister caught her mid-pee, but it was too late. So off my coat went to the dry-cleaners. Between the constant laundry and the dry-cleaning this is getting to be an expensive endeavor. Expensive, gross, and messy. But, oh, it would be SO worth it if it worked. I cannot and will not tolerate the smell of cat pee on my clothes so i may be forced to abandon the mission. We have agreed to give it one more try using the kitty litter that her royalty prefers ($$$) and if that doesn't work the litter box will be put back into circulation.

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